Mega Yacht

President Boat International Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968 in Tainan Taiwan. Over the years, the yard has built it' s reputation through the skilful management of it owner, and its well-trained resident naval engineers, designers, craftsmen and support-staff. It has so far produced more than 1200 yachts, each based on a commitment to delivering quality without compromise through excellence in engineering, design, workmanship and meticulous attention to detail.
The business is based on three basic areas, President Yachts, OEM service and Reputation.

President’s objective is to produce the finest semi-custom built yachts which are second to none in sea-worthiness, performance, quality and customer satisfaction.

President offers all of its high levels of craftsmanship, experience in design and high quality construction on competitive terms to "yard-less" yacht brands from North American, Europe and Asia.

The reputation of our company and its managing director have been recognized and rewarded by the leaders of governments a home and around the world.

Mega Yacht

PRESIDENT BOAT INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.       tel: +886-6-7931793       fax: +886-6-7930439       adresa: No. 151 Pingsha, Jiangjun Dist, Tainan City 72549, Taiwan

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